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The Essentials

The 3-story boutique hotel will provide 100 hotel rooms and approximately 22,461 square feet of retail, restaurant and public use space. The gross floor area which includes the hotel, restaurant/retail, corridors, lobby, office, and back-of-house areas is approximately 155,030 square feet.  The Project is three stories, and a maximum of 30-feet high in accordance with the height limit in Hermosa Beach’s downtown core. There are 178 on-site parking spaces within two levels of subterranean parking, and 180 new bicycle parking spaces provided in and around the site.

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Family Friendly

Strand + Pier is an accessible community amenity for all of Hermosa Beach. Sandy feet or a suit there is a restaurant, lounge, and shop for everyone to revel in day or night. With a 3,580 square foot public sky terrace, a 2,800 square foot public terrace sundeck and lounge, and over 11,000 square feet of new dining/lounge fronting Pier Avenue and The Strand, Strand + Pier is a true community amenity.

Casual Yet Sophisticated

Strand + Pier emphasizes connection between the unique features of Hermosa Beach: The Strand, the ocean, and the community. The project strives to offer both sophistication and a family-friendly environment that serves the variety of demographics that live, work, and visit Hermosa Beach.

Public Access

The project will enhance and create over 14,000 SF of new publicly accessible spaces, offering unparalleled and unmatched 180 degree views of the coast including:

Newly renovated family-friendly 13th street plaza
3,580 SF public sky terrace and chef’s garden
2,800 SF public terrace sundeck and lounge
2,620 SF of new outdoor dining/lounge fronting Pier Avenue and The Strand
On-site bicycle parking and bicycle valet program

Project Timeline

Fall 2013

Project Kick-off

June 2014

Community Workshop #1 - Strand + Pier Kick-off Open House (>100 attendees)

July 2014

Community Workshop #2 - Initial Presentation of Project (>100 attendees) // 3-stories, 45’, 117 guestrooms, “L” Shaped Plan, Guestrooms at ground floor facing the strand

July 29, 2014

City Council #1 - Initial City Council Briefing

August 2014

Initial Entitlement Application submittal to City of Hermosa Beach

2014 - 2019

Ongoing community outreach, presentations, direct public outreach (more than 500+ residents, businesses, stakeholders in participation)

Fall 2014 - Summer 2015

Strand + Pier Holdings LLC acquires additional property (Hermosa Cyclery, etc.)

Fall 2015 - Project redesigned

3 stories, 30’ max, 100 guestrooms, entirely public ground floor, addition of public rooftop terrace, redesigned exterior to reflect community comment

April 2015

City Council Hearing - Briefing #2

July 2015

City Council Hearing - Briefing #3

December 2015

Revised entitlement application submitted to City of Hermosa BEach

January 2016

Community Workshop #3 - Presentation of revised project (> 100 attendees)

November 16, 2016

Draft EIR Public Scoping Meeting / EIR Kick-off

August 16, 2018

Draft EIR Published

October 1, 2018

Planning Commission EIR Public Comment Hearing


Final EIR Publication - Spring 2019

Public Hearings - City of Hermosa BEach - Summer/fall 2019

Coastal Commission Application and Hearings - 2019/2020

Groundbreaking - 2021




Strand + Pier Opening

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