About Us

What defines us is not what we do, but how we do it.

We embrace the unknown as an opportunity to create something meaningful and enriching. From the pursuit of developing a thriving community in an underserved area or taking a risk on a new type of building/asset that we have had no experience with, the unknown is always an exciting opportunity for us.

Who We Are

Our story is rooted in the entrepreneurial spirit of the first generation of the Bolour Family that moved to Eastern Europe in the 1950s to begin the international expansion of a thriving textile business. From there, the growth continued to take shape in Southern California in the 1980’s and ‘90’s with the family’s investment in value-add commercial real estate in emerging neighborhoods such as Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles and Koreatown.

Today, our real estate business has evolved into a fully integrated investment, development and finance enterprise that brings the depth of its relationships, collective intelligence and enduring vision to all of its endeavors.

We continue to write the next chapter of our story with the same entrepreneurial spirit that inspires the Bolour Family. It motivates us in everything we do and everyone we connect with.


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