Strand + Pier

Celebrating the Past, Present and Future of Hermosa Beach

Dine, Play, and Stay in the Best Little Beach City in the World.

The Strand + Pier is thoughtfully planned and designed to invigorate the commercial core of Hermosa Beach while respecting the history and culture that makes the City a unique beach community.

Rather than a standalone restaurant or bar, Strand + Pier represents one of the most significant mixed-use developments in the recent history of the South Bay.

This multi-faceted building includes a harmony of restaurants, retail, and lounges that offer something for everyone.

The food and beverage spaces are designed to contribute to the vibrancy and economic viability of the downtown commercial core. Strand + Pier brings new vitality and economic investment to Hermosa Beach, the #1 beach city in California.

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Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is a significant aspect of the Strand + Pier’s business model as the building will receive a LEED Gold certification in sustainable design. Our utilization of a rooftop solar photovoltaic system, greywater recycling, and storm water retention makes us the most sustainable commercial building in the South Bay.

Unparalleled Views

Enjoy expansive views from our landscaped rooftop deck and patios that look over 14,000 square feet of publicly accessible open space and beyond. Unparalleled in the South Bay!

Community Focused

As modest sophistication meets a calming beach vibe, the Strand + Pier’s purpose is to represent Hermosa’s unique city features. The Strand pier, the breathtaking paralleled ocean, and its eclectic/artistic community have guests continuing to return/returning to experience everything Hermosa Beach has to offer.

Strand + Pier at a Glance


30 FT

maximum project height. (Respecting the past and future of Hermosa Beach - designed to a maximum of 30 feet)



Bicycle Parking (On-site bicycle shop and bicycle valet program for guests and visitors alike)



On-site vehicle parking spaces (Self contained parking for hotel guests, visitors, and the Hermosa Beach Community at large)



Annually in TOT Taxes for the City to utilize in its general budget. (A true community amenity supporting community and City goals)


14,000+ SF

of publicly accessible lounges and open spaces (Views, relaxation, and gathering spaces for all of Hermosa Beach)


17,000 SF

of new public restaurants and retail uses (Dine, shop, stay...something for everyone)

01_HermosaBeach_FI_01-07-161.jpg 02_Hermosa-Beach_FI_01-07-16.jpg 03_HermosaBeach_FI_01-07-16.jpg 04_HermosaBeach_FI_01-07-16.jpg

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